Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer sweaters in crochet.

In this post, I show you two summer sweaters I crochetted some time ago. Those are two different designs but very trendy. The patterns came from the book in the photo which you can use to knit your own jersey.

The first sweater is short sleeved and has a triangle-shaped neckline in the back side. At the bottom, we found a kind of pattern that fits any body type.

Those are the jersey and the patterns book.

This is the pattern of the yellow jersey crochet made. In the photo below we can see the pattern properly.

The second sweater is also crochet made. The design is made with two lines of an adjustable easy pattern for hips and breast. I decided to set a thin shoulder strap, but it can also work as an strapless jersey just by setting an elastic.


The two next images show a detail of the chosen pattern for you to do it yourselves. 


Harry Potter scarf: "I do love knitting patterns"

"I do love knitting patterns". This sentence Dumbledore said in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince inspired me to knit this scarf.

The scarf I made appears all the time during the Harry Potter series both in films and books. It belongs to Gryffindor house and it is knitted with burgundy and golden wool making two thin golden stripes in the maroon.  You can also add fringes.

I would like to show you also the great amount of accessories related to the topic: Harry Potter. These are two wands made with two simple branches painted with oak or cherry varnish. I also used some bottle caps to make pins inspired in the characters.

Backpack-purse sac shaped

I knitted this purse some years ago and now it's my daughter who uses it. The base of the bag is circular and it's very practical. It can be used as a shoulder bag or as a backpack.

Summer Bag

  Some months ago, I crochetted this beautiful bag. I got my inspiration from one of my friend's handbag made of leather. This is a shoulder strap bag, but it can be hung many ways just by changing the handles.

We need:
-Two yarn balls with mixed colors in it. Middle sized. In my case, I chose flat strand yarn, but that's not a good idea for beginners.
-Thinner yarn ball in one of the colors of the above (I chose turquoise)
-Crochet needle or hook.
-Turquoise zip.
-Turquoise fabric liner (if you want)

With all this, we have an unique and special complement made by yourself and, what matters most: as you wish!